Monday, April 26, 2010

The Amazing Wedge

I don't get to town much these days. And by town I mean the small town of Fredericksburg, TX. It is even more rare that I travel to an urban destination that has a franchise other than Sonic or Dairy Queen. I've been craving a wedge salad from a favorite big city restaurant for weeks and finally decided to re-create. It is just so so so yummy I wanted to share. I'll confess I don't usually have candied pecans or Gorgonzola cheese on hand in my kitchen, but it was so worth the splurge.

1 Wedge Iceberg Lettuce

Chopped Granny Smith Apple

Sun Dried Tomato Slices

Chopped Candied Pecans

Crumbled Bacon Pieces

Crumbled Gorgonzola Cheese

Garlic Ranch Dressing*

Plate the iceberg wedge. Drizzle on the ranch and top with the remaining ingredients. That's all folks! Just dig in and get ready for your tongue and tummy to tango!

*I use homemade ranch dressing. Here is a great link for a ranch dressing recipe. Roasted garlic can be substituted for fresh garlic if you want a sweeter mellow taste. The fresh garlic gives the dressing a nice bite that I happen to love and works beautifully with this salad.

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