Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bluebonnet Blues

I have been trying to take a good bluebonnet picture of my boys for the past three years. I have a few friends who can attest to this as they've tried to help me with the project - boys will be boys and I have 100 bluebonnet blooper shots but nothing frame worthy.

You can imagine my excitement when about a month ago I found young bluebonnet plants popping up on the hill in my backyard. Surely I can get a decent picture of my boys in these flowers now that I don't have to go further than my backyard. So this morning I grabbed me camera determined to get some candid shots before the flowers disappear. Please note here that being the mom of two boys I am out numbered three to one in the male to female ration in my house. And while my darling husband humors me, boys just don't want to sit in a bunch of stink'n flowers and pose for their mother to take pictures - no mater what you say. And once again I find myself with the bluebonnet blues.

Just for fun throw in a dog who wants to play fetch in the bluebonnets,

then add a few nosey chickens.....................

What is perfection anyway?


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